100 Summer Blog Post Ideas

I can feel the lazy hot days of summer call, so I think it’s time to schedule some summer themed posts. I thought I’d brainstorm some title ideas, and share them with you here. 

Sometimes it’s nice to just select topics or titles for your new blog posts from a big list of ideas, like choosing a dish in your favourite restaurant! 

Ice cream cornets decorated with summer fruits

Feel free to use these titles as they are, but you can always adapt them by taking the best bits from your favourite ones, e.g. take the first part of “10 Summer Weekend Treats” and the second part of “50 Easy Summer Lunch Recipes” to make “10 Summer Weekend Lunch Recipes”.

Of course you can change the numbers to match the number of ideas that you have for a particular blog post.

So here’s my list of summer blog post ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

General Blogging:

  • Keeping Cool At Home In The Summer
  • Summer Short Break Ideas
  • What To Pack When You Go Away On Your Summer Break
  • Keeping Your Electricity Bill Down During The Summer
  • Blogging During The Summer
  • Create Your Summer Bucket List
  • The Freshest Summer Blogging Tips
  • How To Revitalise Your Blog Over The Summer
  • How To Keep Blogging During The Summer Slump
  • 7 Fun Summer Blogging Challenges

 Food Blogging:

Bowls of summer food including salad, olives, apple slices and sandwiches

  • 15 Delicious Summer Ice Cream Favourites
  • Best BBQ Salads
  • 10 Of The Best Summer Smoothies
  • Design Your Own Holiday Cocktails
  • Summer Weekend Treats
  • Easy Summer Party Food Ideas That Everybody Will Love
  • Boozy Ice Cubes
  • Frosty Fruit Slushies For All
  • Colourful Summer Salads
  • 10 Ways To Barbecue Beef
  • 30 Easy Summer Lunch Recipes
  • Eating Al-Fresco
  • 10 Hot Summer Night Dinners
  • Easy Summer Picnic Ideas
  • How To Pack The Perfect Summer Picnic
  • The Best Gas-Fired BBQs On The Market
  • Beginner’s Guide To Barbecuing
  • Barbecue Safety

 Parent Blogging:

  • What To Do When Your Toddler Can’t Cope With The Heat
  • Having Fun In The Summer, In The City, With Kids
  • Best Family Summer Days Out
  • Healthy Summer Treats For Under 5s
  • How To Keep Your Kids Cool In Summer
  • 10 Best Toys For The Beach
  • Healthy Cool Drinks For Toddlers
  • Summer Craft Ideas For Kids
  • Top 15 Summer Boredom Busters
  • 20 Summer Projects To Keep Your Teens Busy
  • Teach Your Kids About Money With A Summer Holiday Allowance
  • The Best Kids Summer Camps
  • Ideas To Create Your Own Summer Camp
  • Guide To The Best Family-Friendly Summer Holidays

 Business Blogging:

  • Keep Your Customers Engaged Over The Summer Holidays
  • How To Keep Your Sales Coming In, Even Though It’s Summer
  • Revive Your Pinterest Account This Summer
  • Brush Up Your Business Skills By Going To Summer School
  • 10 Summer Business Ideas
  • The Best Summer Jobs In The World
  • Summer Challenge: Double Your Email List During The Holiday Period
  • How To Keep Going Through The Summer Slump
  • 20 Best Summer Business Reads

 Travel Blogging:

  • The Best Holiday Luggage
  • Places To Avoid At The Height Of Summer
  • 8 Undiscovered Beaches Of Britain/USA/Europe/The World
  • Top 10 Summer Airport Tips
  • 10 Best Places To Visit In Europe This Summer
  • Ideas For Quick Summer Weekend Breaks
  • This Year’s Eco-Travel Holiday Trends
  • The World’s Best Summer Road Trips
  • Summer In The City – How To Avoid Looking Like A Tourist
  • Summer Road Trip – Packing Essentials
  • Booking Your Summer Vacation At The Last Minute

 Fashion & Beauty Blogging

  • Casual Summer Fashion
  • Top 10 Summer Trends
  • How To Plan A Pool Party Outfit
  • How To Control Your Hair This Summer
  • 10 Best Poolside Styles
  • How To Create Your Summer Glow
  • Summer Makeup – The Essential Tips And Tricks
  • 7 Sizzling Summer Makeup Looks
  • Avoid The Summer Fashion Cliches


Personal Finance Blogging:

  • How To Keep Your Bills Down During The Summer
  • How To Earn Extra Money In The Summer
  • 10 Ways To Save Money On Vacation
  • Cheap Summer Activities That Are Still Fun
  • 9 Creative Summer Holiday Jobs
  • How To Get Your Finances Beach Ready!
  • 10 Summer Budgeting Tips
  • How To Do A Summer Financial Check-Up
  • Financial Tips To Get You Through The Summer
  • 15 Money Saving Tips For Summer
  • Budgeting For Your Vacation
  • Frugal Summer Recipes

 Fitness Blogging: 

Woman in white tee shirt and black shorts jumping into the air on a sandy beach with sea in the background.

  • Get Your Body Beach Ready!
  • Great Beach Workouts
  • 10 Of The Best Outdoor Workouts
  • Easy Summer Fitness
  • How To Exercise In The Summer Heat
  • 15 Summer Fitness Ideas For Families
  • Summer Fitness Challenge
  • The Best Fitness Holidays Abroad
  • 5 Summer Swimming Workouts
  • Summer Workout Inspiration
  • Be Ready For Summer With These Great Workout Tips
  • 10 Nutrition Tips To Try This Summer
  • What Are The Healthiest Foods To Eat This Summer?
  • How To Get Into Shape For Summer
  • How To Stay In Shape Over The Summer Vacation
  • Top 20 Summer Diet Foods
  • Delicious Pre-Holiday Nutrition Challenge

Did any of those ideas take your fancy?

I hope something on that list gave you the spark of inspiration you need to create your next viral blog post!

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8 thoughts on “100 Summer Blog Post Ideas

  1. You’ve got some great ideas here. We’re currently in West Africa and it always feels like summer. I’ve got to remember there’s more than rainy season and dry season. 😉 Thanks for such a thorough list.

  2. These are awesome blogging ideas, thanks for the inspiration! Thinking of summer, makes me think of bug/mosquito control ideas that would be safe for pets and kids.

    1. Thanks Sarah – that’s a great idea for a blog post: Here in Scotland there are tiny biting insects called midges in summer – and I know lots of people are keen to find tips on how to cope with those!

  3. This list is so comprehensive! I’ll be sure to refer back! Thanks for sharing the ideas!

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