Affiliate Disclaimer

I’ve worked from home, on my own business for more than 20 years – and as a Mum it’s given me the freedom to spend time with my daughter as she grows up.

I’m writing this blog to help other Mums achieve the same freedom to spend time with their family, to travel, or simply to work on their own terms.

But I am a working Mum, and ClareIvatt.com needs to pay its way, so I can afford to take the time to write it. For that reason ClareIvatt.com is a for-profit business, and I earn income from this website.

I want to be completely open and transparent with my readers, so I want to make it clear that:

  • Some of the links to products and services on this site are affiliate links.
  • If you click on an affiliate link and then buy something, I may receive a commission.
  • You won’t pay any extra – it’s simply an advertising expense for the vendor.
  • I value my readers’ trust and only recommend products that I believe in.

Earnings Disclaimer

I’m building ClareIvatt.com to help you build a successful Online Business.

The articles that I write on ClareIvatt.com and the advice I give are based on my own experience starting and running my own online businesses.

Where I discuss my own results, either in terms of income, website traffic, lifestyle or any other measure of success, you should understand that my results are not typical.

Building a successful business, whether online or offline requires a lot of time, effort and perseverance. Get rich quick schemes don’t work – and you won’t find me promoting them.

Although I’ve had a lot of success online, I can’t guarantee that you will, because I don’t know you, your circumstances, what you’re capable of, your level of determination or capacity for hard work. Sadly, most people don’t succeed in business.

The strategies and tactics I talk about on this blog may not produce the same results for you, and I make no guarantees of income or success.

Nothing on this blog should be taken to constitute legal, financial or medical advice.

I’m just helping people by providing general information based on my own knowledge, research and experience.

I can show you how to do things, give you the benefit of my experience, and tell you what has worked for me. But the online business landscape is always changing, and I can’t guarantee that what has worked for me, will work for you in the future.