8 Stunning Designs for Valentines Nails

Hand with red fingernails - two heart shapes and two with the letters "lo" and "ve"/ Text overlay reads 8 Stunning Designs for Valentine's Nails

You’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve? How about wearing your heart on your nails this Valentines Day? You can choose a classic red colour with heart accents, or a darker design with bright red or sparkly accents.

How about some pretty pink bows? These are all stunning Valentines designs to show your love on your fingers!


Pink and Red Hearts Design from Chickettes

 This is a classic romantic pink and red design, with lovely hearts and a touch of red sparkle.

Woman's hand with three pink fingernails decorated with pink hearts, and two red sparkly fingernails.



Hearts and Plaid Valentine Nails by Daily Something


This is a great valentine’s inspired design that uses nail stamping to create these intricate designs.

Woman's hand holding bottle of pink nail varnish. She has dark pink nails with purple check pattern except one finger which has purple colored hearts instead.



Dark Love Nail Art from Chantal’s Corner


An unusual dark themed Valentines design with a lovely sparkly effect and bright red heart accent. This design was for Chantal’s own anniversary, so it’s extra special to her.

Black fingernails with fade of red sparkles. One nail has a red sparkly heart.


Negative Space Valentines Nails by One Nail To Rule Them All

Here’s a great heart themed design – the dark hearts are created by removing the pale pink to reveal the natural nail below!

Pink fingernails - three have two crystals embedded, two have negative white outlined hearts.
One Nail to Rule Them All



Pink Hearts Nail Art from Fundamentally Flawless


You can wear your heart on your nails with this pink hearts design from Fundamentally Flawless. There’s even a detailed tutorial on how to create all of these beautiful little hearts!

Hand with white fingernails with dark and light pink hearts on them.
Fundamentally Flawless



Four Great Valentines Designs by Supernova Beauty


Here is a great selection of 4 Valentines nail art designs – you’re bound to find something you like here, ranging from candy love hearts, through cute Hello Kitty (pictured) to romantic roses and sparkly red.

Woman's hand holding a pink foil-wrapped "kisses" sweet. Three fingernails have a pink white and grey checked design, two have cat themed designs.



Cute Valentines Nails from Home of Deva


Here’s a selection of cute Valentines themed nails – a rose, hearts and even a frog prince!

Woman's hands holding something pink and furry. Has valentines themed nail designs including red nails, a heart, lips, a frog prince and pink sparkly nails.
Instagram / @home_of_deva



Pretty Pink Bows by Lucy’s Stash


These are so romantic – lovely pale pink bows just right for Valentines Day!

Woman's hand holding white blossom. She has long pink painted fingernails with pink bows outlined in black.



I hope you’ve enjoyed these nail art designs – thank you to all of the designers for letting me use their pictures. Let me know if you have any other favourite Valentines Nail Art in the comments below.

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Woman's hand with fingernails in grey, pink and white plaid design with hearts and two cat designs. She is holding a Hershey's Kiss.