7 DIY Valentines Day Decorations that are Fun to Make

What better time of year to get your scissors and glue out than Valentine’s Day?

You can have great fun decorating your home with these great DIY decorations, ranging from displays using candy to paper heart wreaths and romantic tea light houses.

In background, Scrabble tiles spell out LOVE with a red heart leaning against the E. Foreground text reads 7 DIY Valentines Decorations that are fun to make.

It’s always fun to make DIY crafts with the kids, and I think they’ll really enjoy the Valentines Candy Arrows and the Valentines Candy Trees! The Valentines Clothesline Art is super-easy to make (especially if you can get pre-cut heart shapes), so even the little kids will enjoy it.

Of course, if you want to make something special to show your loved one how much you care, you could always make a special decoration like the romantic Tea Light Houses or the Paper Hearts Bouquet:

Paper Hearts Bouquet from CraftIdeas.info

This tutorial shows you how to make a bouquet of delightful heart shaped flowers from scrapbook paper.
Bouquet of pink paper hearts with heart patterns with paper stems and leaves in a glass vase by a window.



Valentines Candy Arrows from A Subtle Revery

These yummy candy arrows go straight to the heart!

Red candy arrows made from red candies on cocktail sticks with points and flights made from paper and love messages on pink card disks.


Romantic Paper Tea Light Houses from CraftIdeas.info

These lovely paper tea light houses give off a romantic glow perfect for lighting on Valentines Eve, perhaps as a table decoration for your romantic meal together with your loved one?

Red, purple and pink paper tealight holders with heart shapes cut out of the sides and pointed tops. There is a white paper tree in the background.


DIY Valentines Yarn Heart Decoration from Six Clever Sisters

This is a romantic yarn heart decoration which is super easy as you don’t need any needles or pins, and you can complete it in less than an hour!

A pink wound-yarn heart on a gold stem on a shelf next to a wooden heart, X and O, and a sign that says "tune my heart to sing thy grace"


Paper Heart Garland from Green Wedding Shoes

This is perfect to decorate your room for a Valentines Day Party, or perhaps even a Valentines Wedding…

A white two-layered cake with a pink ribbon below a chain of red, pink and white paper-chain hearts.



Valentines Candy Trees from Amanda Jane Brown

Here are some lovely, easy to make candy trees – use your favourite sweets and colors to create these impressive-looking table decorations.

Three cone-shaped trees of sweets with pink ribbon bows on top. The closest one is made of red hearts.


Valentines Clothesline Art from Artsy Fartsy Mama

This is a great cheap and simple way to create good looking valentines wall art – just some mini clothes pegs and heart shapes!

Four rows of red clothes-peg hearts handing on horizontal black lines.


I hope you’ve enjoyed these fun Valentines DIY decoration ideas…please let me know if you like them or have tried any yourself. If you’ve discovered any others, or have your own to share, please add them to the comments below.

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Hand drawing a red heart and coloring it in with a wax crayon. Foreground text reads 7 DIY Valentines decorations that are fun to make.

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