8 Stunning Spring Nails You Need to Try

Springtime is great for lifting the spirits after the dark winter days, especially if you have a new set of gorgeous Spring Nails! 

Try some of the great Spring Nail Art designs below to cheer you up ready for springtime.


Green Leaves from Oooh Shinies


This great stamped design from Oooh Shinies heralds the lovely green leaves that appear on the trees when Spring arrives.

Painted fingernails with green leaves stamped on pale background.
Instagram / @OoohShinies.com



Sparkly Natural Pink by Lacqaholic


This fresh, natural pink look is jazzed up with a silver sparkly dip powder.

Natural look pink fingernails with sparkly tips.
Instagram / @lacqaholic



Pretty Free-Hand Flowers from Devs Nails


These gorgeous free-hand flowers flanked by bright pink nails are great for getting you into the spring mood.

Painted fingernails, two are bright pink and two have painted flower patterns.
Instagram / @devs_nails


Lovely Tulips from Copycat Claws

I love these vibrant pink tulips on a sky blue background from Copycat Claws – fresh and cheerful! Definitely showing that spring is here!

Painted fingernails with pink flowers and green leaves on a pale blue background
Instagram / @copycatclaws



Amazing Spring Butterflies by Dorota Palicka


These spring butterflies are exquisite – and they come with a great tutorial on how to do them for yourself (if you have a steady hand!).

Long white artificial fingernails with beautiful translucent pink, orange and purple butterfly designs.
Instagram / @dorotapalicka



Traditional Spring Cherry Blossom by Hannah Rox It


These lovely traditional pink cherry blossoms look great on their green background, surrounded by pink sparkly ombre nails.

Painted fingernails, 2 with cherry blossom design on aqua colored background and 3 with a white to purple fade and gold glitter.
Instagram / @hannahroxit



Rainbow and Clouds from Indigo Nails


You can never rely on the weather in spring time – as shown perfectly by these cloud and rainbow nails by @rknails__ an Indigo Nails designer:

Natural colored fingernails, one with white clouds and another with white clouds and a rainbow.
Instagram / @indigonails



Gold Daisies from Laublm


These stunning nails have it all – flowers, gold, green ombre background, sparkles…I love them!

White daisies with shiny gold centres on a green ombre background.
Instagram / @laublm



I really enjoyed finding these spring nail designs – it allowed me to dream of warmer weather and spring flowers for a while!

I hope you’re inspired to go for a spring mani – let me know how it goes (or if you’ve got any other Spring Nail Ideas).

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Painted fingernails, two in the middle have assorted flowers and leaves on a white background, the nails on either side are bright pink. Text overlay reads: Spring Nails - 8 Stunning Ideas That will WOW your friends.