8 Easy Rainbow Crafts Your Kids will Love

Young girl laughing with a white star over each eye with rainbow-colored ribbons coming from each star
Rhythms of Play

I love rainbows – they are so cheerful and bright, and kids love to make rainbow-themed crafts.

Often they are associated with St Patrick’s Day, but I think they’re great at any time of year!

Here’s my selection of the best easy Rainbow Crafts for kids:

Craft Sticks Rainbow from The Resourceful Mama

This cute rainbow with a fluffy cloud is super-easy to make from craft (or lollipop) sticks and cotton pads.

A fluffy white cloud on a sky-blue background with craft sticks painted in rainbow colors coming out of the cloud.
The Resourceful Mama


Cardboard Rainbow Collage from The Art Bar

This is great if you’ve got lots of little ones that want to make rainbows at the same time, perhaps a birthday party activity?

Just set out the different coloured torn up papers for glueing, and watch the rainbows appear!

Kit for making lots of carboard rainbow collages laid out on a table: Stack of cardboard rainbow shapes, tubes of glue and 6 baskets of colored paper shapes.
Art Bar


Rainbow Tile Coasters from One Little Project

These coasters look fantastic, and they’re useful too!

So easy for your kids to create lovely rainbow designs that you can admire every time you have a coffee!

Hand holding paint brush painting squares in rainbow colors.
One Little Project


Edible Paint Rainbow Bread from Kids Craft Room

Not sure that this bread looks very tasty, but it is pretty and it is edible!

A slice of bread painted in rainbow-colored stripes, next to a paint brush and colorful cake moulds containing food coloring.
Kids Craft Room


Amazing Optical Illusion Rainbow Rock from Rockpainting 101

Rockpainting 101 say that this amazing optical illusion is ideal for beginner rock painters – why not have a go and let me know how you get on ?

A rainbow-painted stone with optical illusion of having a hole in the middle.


DIY Rainbow Ribbon Fairy Wands from Rhythms of Play

These no-sew homemade magic fairy wands look fantastic – ideal for wanna-be fairies.

I love the rainbow streamers that will waft around as spells are cast!

Young girl laughing with a white star over each eye with rainbow-colored ribbons coming from each star
Rhythms of Play


Rainbow Fish Craft from The Best Ideas For Kids

This lovely rainbow fish was designed to go with The Rainbow Fish picture book by Marcus Pfister.

You don’t need the book to enjoy creating these eye-catching fish with your kids.

Multi-colored paper fish with paper and foil scales
Rhythms of Play


Stained Glass Rainbow Craft by ABCs to ACTs

This stained glass rainbow looks lovely if you hang it in front of your window and watch the sunlight filter through.

A translucent rainbow with colored light coming through from the window behind.
From ABCs to ACTs


I hope your kids love trying out these crafts – let me know in the comments below if you try any, and now have rainbows in your life!

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Picture at top is a little girl laughing with gold-trimmed white star wands over her eyes and rainbow streamers flowing from the wands. At the bottom is a white cloud made from fabric circles on a sky-blue background with rainbow colored craft sticks coming from it. Text overlay reads 8 Fun Rainbow Craft Ideas for Kids