7 Stunning Designs for Acrylic Nails

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When you choose acrylic nails, there’s an endless choice of nail art designs – from pure and simple, perfectly shaped nails to long fancy nails with all the bling! Here are a few of my favorite designs:


Shimmering Galaxy Oil Slick nails from Ninja Nail Fairy


These stunning oil slick acrylics are sure to turn heads both for their stunning colors and their length!

Hand with very long pointed acrylic fingernails in multi-colored oil-slick design.
Instagram / @ninjanailfairy



Cute Lucky Cat Design from the Lacquered Lawyer


This cute cat with white and red stamped nails is sure to bring you luck!

Hand with decorated acrylic fingernails, two with red and white patterns and two with a cute lucky cat design.
Instagram / @lhy33



Beautiful Spring Flowers from Innova Nails


I love these wonderful yellow spring flowers on frosted sparkly acrylic nails.

Two hands with clear frosted acrylic nails decorated with yellow flowers.
Instagram / @innovanails



Stunning Rosé Gold Stiletto Nails from The Nail Nest


How about these for a touch of glamor? The sparkly rosé gold finish would look great on a glitzy night out.

Two hands with dark skin and pink glittery nails on a background of white fur material.
Instagram / @nessa_nailnest



Spring Flowers Acrylic Nails from Nail Envy MK Supplies


These delicate pink spring flowers look gorgeous teamed up with pretty pink acrylic nails.

Hands with acrylic fingernails - most are pale pink but two have pink spring flower designs.
Instagram / @nailenvymksupplies



Ombre and Glitter from Beauty by Sarah Ratcliffe


This is a really cute pink ombre and glitter design from Sarah:

Hands with acrylic fingernails in pink ombre design and two with pink glitter design.
Instagram / @beautybysarahratcliffe



Christmas Acrylic Nails from Nail Envy MK Supplies


I couldn’t resist including these lovely bright red Christmas designs from Nail Envy MK, with snowflakes, baubles and reindeer!

Two hands with acrylic fingernails decorated in various Christmas designs in red and white including a flame pattern, jewelled reindeer, snowflakes, a jewelled bauble and red glitter.
Instagram / @nailenvymksupplies


These are just a few of the great nail art designs that are possible with acrylic nails – the possibilities are endless and you can go as fancy or plain as you like.

Put a comment below if you’ve got any other favorites you’d like to share.

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Top image shows long pointed acrylic fingernails with multi-colored oil-slick pattern. Lower image shows pale pink fingernails two of which have pink flower design. Text overlay in the middle reads: Acrylic Nails - 7 Gorgeous Ideas For You To Try.

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