9 Best Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

DIY Mother’s Day crafts are always great fun – and crafts for kids  are even better!

Mother’s Day is a great time to help the kids create DIY gifts for Mom, or Grandma, or even just a pretty Mother’s Day card featuring the traditional flower display.

Faux Stained-Glass Candle Holders from Rhythms of Play

This is a beautiful gift, perfect for kids to make for their Mom. 

You use glass paint to create a faux stained glass window effect, with lovely colors for the candle to shine through.

A square candle holder with panels of colored glass separated by black lines.


Pipe Cleaner Flowers from The Resourceful Mama

If you’re looking for a floral gift craft with a difference how about trying these lovely bright and colourful pipe cleaner flowers?

Three flowers made from pipe-cleaners in clay pots. Each flower has a craft-stick stem and a button at the centre, and the pots have green paper grass on top.


Celery Stamped Flowers from The Best Ideas For Kids

These unusual celery stamped flowers would look great on a Mother’s Day Card or Wrapping Paper.

Paper with pink and purple stamped rose designs, green pipe-cleaner stems and pink and purple ribbons around the stems.


DIY Gift Wrapping with Paper Flowers from One Little Project

Your kids can wrap their Mother’s Day gifts with style by making these beautiful paper flowers.

Three parcels wrapped in brown paper and tied with ribbon. Each has a large paper flower on the top, one white, one yellow with a white center and one pink.


Mother-Daughter Gift Set Necklaces from Rhythms of Play

This cute mother and daughter set of necklaces is fairly easy to do, and makes such a touching gift.

Two bead necklaces - one is pink and has beads spelling out GALILEE and the other is pink and blue and spells out MOM with a heart instead of the O.


Easy-to-make DIY Mother’s Day Cards from Feeling Nifty

These simple Mother’s Day cards are great for the whole family to make together – kids, teens and adults!

Home made Mother's day cards with flowers made from cupcake liners and colored pom-poms in the center.
Feeling Nifty


Tissue Paper Flower Pot by From ABCs to ACTs

This is a great Mother’s day gift for your pre-schooler to make. 

You can even plant some seeds or bulbs in it once it’s dry to complete the gift.

Flower pot decorated with brightly colored tissue-paper standing on a red surface.
From ABCs to ACTs


Pretty Paper Flowers Printables from Six Clever Sisters

Here’s the best selection I’ve found of flower printables (complete with instructions) that your kids can use to create lovely floral Mother’s Day cards.

Four brightly-colored paper flowers on green foliage.


Unique Watercolour Bookmarks from Projects with Kids

This is a fun craft introducing kids to artists’ grade watercolors and watercolor paper – the end results are beautiful bookmarks that Mom will treasure for years.

Collection of bookmarks decorated with watercolor designs - some have ribbons attached


I hope you’ve found something to inspire you (and your kids) when you’re making your Mother’s Day gifts – let me know if you’ve tried any, and which was your favorite in the comments below.


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Upper image shows flowers made from colorful pipe-cleaners in pots. Lower image shows flowers made from cupcake liners. Text overlay reads 9 Best Mother's Day Crafts for Kids

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  1. These are all wonderful ideas! It’s so sweet to give family members DIY projects. I know my mom loves receiving these from her grandkids. Thank you for sharing these fun crafts.

  2. These are all beautiful handmade crafts for Mothers’ Day! I think my mum would love them. I love them and I’m not even a mum! Thanks for sharing these ideas 🙂

    1. Glad you liked them Corinne – I enjoy finding and choosing crafts – people come up with such great ideas.

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