8 Perfect St Patrick’s Day Nail Ideas

You’ll want to get into the Irish Theme for St Patricks Day, with a new green manicure. Here are a few ideas – you can choose from subtle green marble, leprechaun hats, or a gorgeous Irish Tartan!

Leprechauns and Shamrocks from Devs Nails

This cute mani features a leprechaun’s hat buckle and some lovely lucky shamrocks, finished off with green polka dots.

Fingernails with different designs including a leprechaun's hat buckle, green shamrocks and green polka dots.
Instagram / @devs_nails


Glitzy Rainbows by the Nail Polish Society

Here are some great nails with a glitzy green sparkly base and lovely bright rainbows, to guide you to your pot of gold! Perfect for your St Patricks Day party!

Fingernails with rainbow design on a green glittery background.
Instagram / @nailpolishsociety


Classy Green and Gold Stripes from Lacqaholic

If you’re wanting a classy look for some good luck on St Patricks Day, try these lovely gold and green stripes.

Fingernails with glittery green and gold diagonal striped design.
Instagram / @lacqaholic


Subtle Green Marble by Chalkboard Nails

For a softer St Patrick’s Day look, how about trying this green marbled effect – very subtle, and understated.

Fingernails with dark green marbled design.
Instagram / @chalkboardnails


Shamrock Style from Nikas Naughty Nails

I love this shamrock print mani by Nika – stylish, colourful and not over the top!

Fingernails with dark green shamrocks on a pale green background.
Instagram / @nikasnaughtynails


St Patricks Day Triangles by Oooh Shinies

These lovely neat green triangles (created using scotch tape to mask the shapes) are a great way to get in the mood for St Patricks Day!

Fingernails with two-tone green triangle design on a white background.
Instagram / @ooohshinies


Cute Irish Tartan from BlogNailedIt

If you want to keep up the Irish theme for St Patricks Day, how about this jazzy Irish tartan?

Fingernails with green tartan pattern and a gold shamrock design on the thumbnail
Instagram / blognailedit


Delightful Shamrocks from Copy Cat Claws

I really like this cute stamped design featuring lucky shamrocks in alternating white and green.

Fingernails with white shamrocks design on a dark green glittery background.
Copycat Claws


I hope you’ve enjoyed these St Patricks Day Nail ideas. Let me know in the comments below if you try any, I’d love to know how you get on.

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Upper photo shows fingernails with St Patricks Day designs including a leprechaun buckle and shamrocks. The lower photo shows fingernails with green and gold sparkly design in colors that evoke the Irish flag.