Inspiring Home Offices

If you’re thinking of renovating your home office (or creating one from scratch), here are some great ideas and inspirations.

These are some of my favourite home offices from all over the World!


Small Spaces

You don’t need acres of space to create a cozy home office with everything you need.

Even if you only have a small bedroom or a corner of the kitchen or living room you can still create a stylish office:

A small desk sitting in the corner of a room, with a bright lime-green chair in front of it. There is a light to the right of the desk and a grey carpet on the floor.
White table with laptop and a shelf above it runs the full width of this tiny room. Walls are painted dark blue and there's an upholstered chair next to the desk.
Small table in corner of white kitchen with a white wooden chair. There is a large dresser on the left of the room and a window next to the desk.
A small table and white chair facing a red picture on a blue/green wall with a white door. There is a monitor and lamp on the desk.


I often dream of a minimalist home office, with no clutter or mess:

Grey minimalist home office with a grey-topped trestle table with computer screen, and a grey office chair on a grey wooden floor.
Shiny black desk on a wooden floor, with an angle-poise lamp and a cream-colored chair behind the desk. Behind that there are dark shelves in a white cabinet.
Minimalist home office in a corner of a soft grey room. There is a red leather swivel chair at the desk.
Simple minimalist home office with a laptop phone and mouse on a wooden desk in front of a window.
Dark wood desk with white top and dark wooden shelves above against a white wall. There is a chair at the desk. The overall effect is uncluttered and minimalist.
Large white table with three plants and chairs around it faces a whiteboard in a white room.


Here are some lovely feminine home offices:

Home office with pink and pastel colors - a laptop sits on the desk next to a pink globe and dress making patterns - there is a noticeboard on the wall with things pinned to it, a pink cushion on the chair and flowers on the desk.
Small grey painted desk and chair sitting in a white room. There is a green plant in a pastel-colored pot.
Wooden desk with laptop and chair on a rug in a pale room with an easy chair and lamp all decorated in pastel colors.
Woman in red top sitting at laptop on a pale desk in a soft pastel colored room in front of a white bookcase. Overall effect is of feminine decor.
Pale wooden-topped desk with a computer sitting in front of a window in a white room with peach colored curtains.


Here are some great home offices that take their style from the past, with dark furniture, painted or natural wooden panels, or lots of ornaments:

Old fashioned small wooden desk sits in the corner of a room filled with furniture in a Victorian style.
Two dark wood desks and office units face each other in a yellow room with a wooden floor and an oriental rug. There is a ceiling fan and glass doors with curtains drawn.
Old fashioned office with green built-in bookcases filled with books. There is a chair in the corner and a standard lamp. Between the bookcases is a fireplace with a painting above.There is also a desk.
Two desks at either side of a cream colored room. The room is furnished with dark colored wooden units and a pale carpet. There are computers and a printer on the desks.
Rustic desk made from a tree sits in front of a window looking out onto a snowy scene. There is a laptop on the desk as well as a plant and a standard lamp. Appears to be an office in a country cabin.

High Tech

A clean look with lots of high tech equipment and colourful lighting can get you buzzing in your home office:

Hi Tech home office in corner of room with floor to ceiling windows looking out over a city at night. Lighting is purple, man sits at a bank of monitors, and there are electric guitars next to the desk.

The Ultimate

Here are my dream offices, with a fantastic view, lots of space and great furniture:

Corner desk with monitor and very modern looking chair on a polished wooden floor. The desk stands in front of an enormous window looking out over a spectacular view of a forest.
Open plan ultra-modern house with wooden floor. Facing us is an enormous window with an amazing view to distant mountains. In front of the window is a home office area with desk, chair and large monitor. A woman wearing red is standing at the window looking out at the view.


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20 thoughts on “Inspiring Home Offices

  1. “I often dream of a minimalist home office, with no clutter or mess.” —No offense, but LOL. I can’t imagine an uncluttered workspace. We can dream. I’m just not sure it’s possible.

    Nice pictures, though. Dream on, my friend, dream on.

    1. Haha – of course you’re right Trina.

      Today I’m doing the VAT return and my home office is knee-deep in paperwork.

      Still looking forward to that paperless office.

        1. Yes, it would be nice to have somewhere so stylish for all the business books we accumulate in our home office!

  2. Beautiful and inspiring home offices! I would love to have an office like these, I would never want to leave!

  3. Love this! I like the lighter office look. Any kind of sunlight I can get does help. I am still working on my home office.

    1. Hi Kelly – My partner Quenton likes to keep the curtains drawn to minimize reflections from the computer screens (I swear he’d work underground if he could).

      I’m like you – I much prefer to let the light flood in.

  4. I lost my official home office to a nursery 🙂 We’re planning an addition on our home in the next few years so I am getting my office back! Thank you for sharing these for inspiration.

    1. Hi Kristie – good luck with the additions – you’ll be able to plan the perfect office space from scratch!

  5. All these offices are amazing! I especially like the minimal ones. When it comes to interior design my motto is always less is more 😊 Great article!

    1. Thanks Valentina – I agree, the minimal ones look like a great place to concentrate and get stuff done.

    1. Yes it’s lovely. Not sure I could work in the Kitchen though – too many temptations!

    1. When I started out, I lived in a 500 sq ft flat – and converted the spare bedroom into an office! Guests had to sleep on a camp bed in the living room! I’m lucky to now have a home office and a guest bedroom – I think guests appreciate it too!

    1. That’s definitely something worth looking forward to Kiersten – glad the article inspired you.

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