7 Amazing Easter Decorations Kids Love to Make

I love getting the paper and scissors out and creating cute Easter bunnies and chicks at this time of year.

Here are some easy DIY craft projects that will keep your kids busy making lovely Easter decorations:


Easter Egg Sun Catchers from Buggy and Buddy


These lovely translucent eggs will brighten any Easter display, and are really pretty if you hang them in front of a window, like in the picture.

Three colorful translucent eggs hanging in front of a window.


DIY Easter Bunny Boxes (with Carrots!) by Little House on the Corner

These ingenious boxes are great for Easter treats – sweets or chocolate eggs. Or you could use them as table decorations when you have your Easter dinner. (Free printable included).

A 3D pink paper rabbit, two triangular paper carrots and some foil-wrapped chocolate Easter eggs sitting on a table.
Little House On The Corner


No-Sew Easter Bunny from Feeling Nifty

This is a great way to use up those unmatched socks – make a warren-full of cute Easter bunnies!

Best of all there’s no sewing or glueing involved – you just need rubber bands to keep the rice in.

A pink bunny rabbit made from a sock, with a white lacy bow round its neck.
Feeling Nifty


Stunning Easter Bunny Art by Projects With Kids

This is a really easy way to create these great colorful bunnies, using pastels and the free printable cutout from Projects With Kids.

Two rabbit silhouettes outlined with brightly colored pastels.


Rainbow Easter Eggs from Happy Whimsical Hearts

Here’s a step-by-step guide to painting these lovely rainbow wooden eggs with a rustic theme.

You don’t have to stick to the traditional ROYGBIV colours of course – you can be different and create your own rainbows!!

Five rainbow-painted wooden eggs on a desk with a paintbrush.
Happy Whimsical Hearts


Cup Cake Liner Flowers by One Little Project

I love these pretty, delicate spring flowers – just perfect to celebrate Easter!

How about making a bunch of flowers as an Easter gift for Grandma?

Three brightly colored flowers made from paper.
One Little Project


Adorable Easter Chick on a Rock from Rockpainting 101

This is a great step-by-step tutorial for beginner rock painters! There’s a video and lots of tips and photos on how to create this cute little fella!

Hand holding a stone with a bright yellow painted chick character in cartoon style..
Rockpainting 101


Hopefully you (and your kids) have enjoyed this selection of great Easter Crafts – let me know in the comments below how you get on trying them out, or if you’d like to recommend other craft projects for Easter.

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Pink and yellow cupcake-liner flower with a green stem and two green leaves. Text overlay says 7 amazing easter decorations kids love to make.