50 Christmas Blog Post Ideas

It’s always a challenge to come up with original ideas for your Christmas blog posts, as it seems like everything has already been done. But you can always adapt Christmas blogging ideas by putting your own slant on them, and choosing ones that will work especially well for your niche.

Traditional Christmas market in the snow with illuminated stalls, a church with a spire and a snow-covered christmas tree in the foreground.

So I thought I’d put together a few ideas to help you create some new and innovative blog posts in time for the festive season.

Hanging Christmas decoration with green foliage and red candles seen against a black background with lights.

Festive Sales

In the run up to the holidays there are always lots of sales, so if you sell products or services through your blog, it might be a good idea to hold a festive sale. Everyone is looking for a way to reduce costs just before Christmas!

Large Christmas tree in a shopping center.

If you don’t sell products yourself, you could do some research and create a really useful post about the festive sales that other people are holding.

Gift Guides

Gift guides are always popular at this time of year, and you can create a special gift guide that is tailored specifically for your niche: gifts for new parents, gifts for hang-gliding enthusiasts, gifts for dog lovers etc. 

Little girl with long blonde hair wearing a red and white outfit and holding a red gift-wrapped present on a snowy day.

If you have an affiliate programme set up with any product suppliers in your niche this is an excellent way to increase your affiliate sales – feature the products you promote in a festive gift guide (don’t forget you’ll need the usual affiliate disclaimer).

Christmas tree and golden Christmas lights in a Berlin shopping center.

There are some people who are really difficult to find gifts for (the guy who has everything, the person you don’t really know, the woman who moans about all gifts, the guy who returns all his gifts etc.) so a gift guide for these people that is related to your niche could be very useful.

Gift-wrapped presents with fancy bows in red, gold and silver wrapping paper with Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings designs.

Share The Blogging Christmas Love

If you can find other bloggers in your niche who are also publishing Christmas stuff, you could create a “round up” blog post linking to their Christmas posts. 

Three red baubles in the snow. The left hand one is all red, the middle one has a gold-glitter design and the right hand once has a snowflake design in white frosting.

Email each blogger you feature to let them know that they’re included, and you might even get some links back in return.

Man skating in a red and white Santa Clause costume.

Festive Blog Post Ideas (By Blog Type)

Here are a few ideas for Christmas blog posts, organised by blog subject:

Money Blogs

    • How to budget for Christmas
    • Money saving offers
    • Festive on-line sales
    • Secret santa gifts under $5
    • Christmas on a budget 
    • Special Christmas money saving tips – buy your cards and wrapping paper in January etc
    • Gifts for him (or her) under $10 / $20 / $50 

Selection of Christmas cookies with white icing on a red background.

Food Blogs

Of course there are hundreds of blog posts about Christmas food, and you will need to try and distinguish yourself.  How about publishing recipes that fit strictly into a theme such as the ones below?

    • Snow food – looks like snow or good for eating when there is snow!
    • Red and green food
    • Winter warmers – stews etc
    • Clever party food (funny animal-shaped snacks etc.)
    • Christmas snacks for vegans / vegetarians / gluten free / diabetics 

Cranberry pie served on a white plate on a white tablecloth with green foliage and a small bowl of cranberries.

Parenting Blogs


  • Educational toys that your kids will love
  • How to survive Christmas Day with toddlers
  • Festive places to visit
  • Traditional Christmas markets for all the family
  • How to start your own Christmas traditions
  • Where to find the best Christmas ice skating rinks
  • Healthy Christmas snacks for kids
  • Bucket list of the best Christmas activities for kids

Baby dressed in a green and red Christmas Elf costume with a green pointy hat.

Animal Blogs


  • Winter safety – snow, ice on lakes, extreme cold
  • Festive risks – decorations, special food that isn’t around the rest of the year
  • Seasonal pet outfits or equipment
  • Gifts to buy your pets
  • Help your pets to survive Christmas stress

Young woman with blonde hair holding a black dog with a red tartan collar.

Personal Diary Blogs


  • My best / worst Christmas ever
  • My Childhood Christmas music playlist
  • My favourite Christmas movies
  • Secret santa gift ideas
  • My Christmas decorations this year (show off your tree!)
  • How to diffuse a family feud at Christmas

Branch of a Christmas tree with red decorations, a large red bauble with a snowman design and star-shaped biscuits with white icing, on a snowy white background.

Travel Blogs


  • How to get away from it all at Christmas
  • How to spend Christmas abroad
  • Where can you see the real Father Christmas?
  • Unusual Christmas customs from around the World
  • The best Christmas markets in the World
  • The best places for a traditional family Christmas

Girl wearing a furry hat takes a selfie with Santa Clause on a snowy day.

Fashion & Beauty Blogs


  • How to dress for every festive occasion this Christmas
  • Where to buy your Christmas party dress
  • Christmas party dresses for under $50
  • Vintage Christmas outfits
  • The best Christmas nail art
  • Christmas party makeup routine
  • The worst Christmas jumpers

Woman wearing red hat and gloves sitting on a bench outside a shop with a pile of gift-wrapped presents on a snowy day.

Fitness Blogs


  • How to survive Christmas and keep up your exercise
  • Healthy Christmas meals
  • How to hit your calorie target at Christmas
  • How to stay fit when it’s snowing outside
  • Christmas exercise music playlist
  • Fun Christmas home exercises
  • How to stay fit and healthy over Christmas
  • How to get in shape ready for the festive season
  • 12 days of Christmas workout

Woman wearing black running up a snowy slope towards some mountains underneath a blue sky.

I hope you’ve found these Christmas blog post ideas helpful, and you’re ready to set up your blog for the Festive Season.

Don’t forget that they don’t just have to be blog posts – you can create YouTube videos, Facebook posts or even Instagram posts from these ideas too.

Gold star Christmas decoration against a red and gold background.

Let me know in the comments below if you have any more ideas – I’d love to hear from you!

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    1. That’s great Hollybee – I’m glad it was useful. If you use one of these ideas, do come back and show us what you’ve written!

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